Residential and Commercial

At e Water Company, we offer both residential and commercial solutions tailored to each of our customer's needs and specifications. Our water treatment systems can be specifically designed for both residential and commercial use, making them the perfect choice for both your home and business.

We offer water testing and assessing for restaurants, hotels, marinas, office buildings, irrigation systems, laundry and dry cleaners, and many other types of businesses and applications. Regardless of your company's field of activity, if there's water involved, we can assist you.

Our wide variety of treatment systems includes filters, purifiers, conditioners, neutralizers, pressure tanks, pumps, and feeders. Each system will perform its designated task at the highest possible quality, which is ensured by our best technicians, who only work with high-quality materials. Debris, toxins, pollutants, and other water issues can be resolved with the correct solution.

If you want to improve the quality of the water that's used in your home, we offer a free on-site water test that is done by our finest specialists. Based on the results of the test, we will then further instruct you on the type of treatment system needed. Furthermore, if you want to sell your house or move into a new one, we offer certified testing based on the highest available standards.

Our commercial offerings includes multiple solutions for your company, based on your needs. While we are best-know for our water treatment systems, we also offer bottleless water dispensers that are perfect for any type of office or commercial space. If your commercial area has running water, our bottleless water coolers will save you money and time, because it completely removes the need to buy bottled water from other vendors. Moreover, once you connect the dispenser to your water supply, as long as the supply isn't cut, there will be no shortage of drinking water for you and your employees.

Besides the option of buying industrial-grade water treatment systems, our company also offers the possibility of leasing. Contact us for more details about purchasing or leasing.